San Sisto

Fide et amor

Art Direction

In 2015 a project was born aimed at boosting a selection of wine-growing excellences from the Marche region. To date, the chosen realities are two and are gathered under the name of Tenute San Sisto.

August, 2022

The two realities are small, rural and their products speak the language of Italian know-how, linked to traditional production methods. The project was born precisely to give greater visibility to the Made In Marche excellences and bring them to the tables of national and international wine lovers.


The website speaks a specific language, made of colors that bring to mind the bucolic nature of the two realities of Tenute San Sisto, together with a texture reminiscent of seed paper, a precise reference to the brand's strong bond with its territory. A thin, pointy, heavily bracketed serif font stands out, dominating the presentation with contemporary elegance. The product pages finalize the design. Each selected wine has its dedicated web page, within it the visual representation of the bottle is surrounded by elements suggesting the gustatory notes of the wine itself.


Direction, Branding, 3D Content,Web Design, Development