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Widely recognized in the field of tech accessories for products like smartphone cases, screen protectors, earphones, loudspeakers and power banks, the Puro brand is synonymous with Italian style, trendsetting design and outstanding quality.

April, 2022
Video of the day -
Motion Design Awards

To introduce their new collection of “Icon” smartphone cases, Puro reached out to us with a precise and clear request. The concept for the launch on the market was to accent not only the flawless design and aesthetics of the products but also encapsulate their remarkable flexibility feature, the two different materials from which they are made and the enticing, brand-new color range.


In order to showcase all the striking qualities of the new products, we worked on a 3d motion video where we let the product speak for itself. The elegant and barely hinted silhoutte of the smartphone case emerge from a dark background with a slow twirl, coming then to life under a ray of artificial light in a saturated lilac color with a matte finish. With an airy spiral movement the cases are hinting at their lightness, followed by a close-up on materials and a demonstration of flexibility. At last, a drop of pure and rich color closes the video on a alluring note.


Direction, 3D Modelling, 3D Motion, Sound Design, Editing

Tenute San Sisto