A soft
light sphere

Art Direction

With over 30 years of experience in the lighting industry, MilkJug is an international design boutique working with many significant lighting designers and architects to always bring new and innovative lighting concepts to life.

May, 2022
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MilkJug is a company fueled by the love for design and this translates into the development of products such as the night sphere, a fine and sleek element of furnishing suitable for any interior setting that helps to create a warm, cozy but refined atmosphere. We were challenged to 3D model and render the lamp highlighting its industrial simplicity together with its technical features.


Through motion design, we played with a clean but, at the same time, alluring aesthetics portraying the two core elements of the lamp: the one diffusing the light enclosed in a plastic sphere with an opal finish and the one featuring a colored aluminum dome with two ergonomic dimples for easy positioning. Floating like balloons in the air, our depiction of the lamp perfectly encapsulates the lightness of the product, becoming effortlessly suited to any kind of interior. To conclude: the colors. The soft-toned nuances ooze a candy-like feel projecting the whole concept in a dimension of smoothness and playfulness.


Direction, 3D Modelling, 3D Motion, Sound Design, Editing