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NFT Hostel

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Chors is so much more than a simple accommodation facility: it's the world's first NFT hostel. Managing to bridge the gap between hotels and hostels then and now between Web2 and Web3, Chor accomplished to integrate metaverse into real-world experiences.

June, 2022
Site of the day -

The need immediately arose, not only to promote the birth of NFTs also called Metachors, but even more to have a place available to tell potential customers about the advantages of their purchase. The NFT represents a unique competitive advantage for an accommodation facility, thus significantly and decisively differentiating itself from the competition and becoming a sure point of reference for new customers interested in technological innovation and the experience offered.


And it is precisely on the uniqueness of the brand and the newly launched project that we have worked on, designing the site and a series of animated 2D illustrations. A series of impactful chromatic contrasts rule the layout, paired with a classic style serif font modernized with unique curves and cut-outs making it one of the most unforgettable uppercase lettering. The presence of 2D animated illustrations on the site gives an entertaining and fun touch, guaranteeing an engaging and memorable browsing experience for users.


Web Design, Illustration, Art Direction