La gomita
mas fina

Art Direction

Committed to destigmatizing cannabis for generations to come, Mesobis is a fast-growing community of creatives inspiring the new generation of Latin Americans living in the U.S to embrace their roots, culture and heritage by means of a young and cutting-edge lifestyle brand.

February, 2023

A collection of cannabis-infused gummies in three flavors: Mango con Chile, Tamarindo & Chamoy, and Açai is the latest addition to the Mesobis product range. For their launch, the company asked for a visual representation to be used on the website and social media, reflecting the brand values but with an appealing and playful aesthetic.


To meet the client’s request we worked on an exclusive series of 3D visuals. The gummies spin and tumble against a background pervaded by Latin American symbolism. The minimalist shapes hint at the most famous landmark of the Mesoamerican imaginary and the earthy shades with which they are portrayed unequivocally recall the immense and impenetrable rainforest vegetation by which they are surrounded. Between old and new, sacred and profane, tradition and innovation we embodied the identity of Mesobis showcasing the deep and rooted attachment to their heritage in a contemporary, unconventional and cutting-edge light.


Direction, 3D Modelling,
3D Motion, Editing