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More than a simple online learning platform, but a true musical journey towards a successful career. Through the teaching of a distinctive skill set and an interactive learning environment, Lim London aims to boost the abilities and train those who want to create, record and mix music.

April, 2022
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The world of online courses is very crowded and Lim London's desire was to establish itself through its competitive advantages: the quality of training and the interactivity of its classes. Having a blank canvas available, it was necessary to shape the identity of the brand by building its image starting from its peculiarities.


What’s the key to a good tune? Rhythm.This is what set our work in motion for Lim London. As a first step, we shaped the identity of the brand by sampling the movement of a sound wave and translating it into a meaningful graphic element for the logo and, afterward, for the website. Capturing the core activity of the brand, flow and movement become leading and recurring components for the design. The visual aspect interlocks with a smooth and clean font making the eye focus on the content. The result is fresh, dynamic, and straightforward; a perfect reflection of the brand.


Direction, Branding, Illustration, Graphic Design, Motion, Web Design


Saisei Media - Development