Frantoio Cavalli

Handmade Oil
Since 1781

Art Direction

The history of Frantoio Cavalli is the history of a family. Since the 18th century, the art of manufacturing extra virgin olive oil has been handed down from father to son. Today, after more than two hundred years, the company remains driven by passion and dedication and through the renewal of the production cycle, keeps the quality of its product in the foreground.

February, 2023
Site of the day -

Frantoio Cavalli asked Sentempo to play with the new and the old to set up an e-commerce site to expand its customer network. In the development of the new visual identity, it was necessary to show both souls of the company with its perfect balance between tradition and innovation.


Revisited in a three-dimensional key, the logo of the brand triumphs on the homepage in a game of pastel colors and sinuous shapes. The e-commerce site is dressed in a palette of earthy colors recalling the tradition to which the company is tied, to complete the outfit we chose series of vintage illustrations and a serif font with an old-time allure. Each of the product pages is brightened up by an animated 3d render of the product with the corresponding list of ingredients visually represented by a series of simple but impactful images giving them a more contemporary and fun twist.


Direction, Branding, 3D Content, Web Design, Development