The Iphone
of bagels

Art Direction

Not only do they taste good, but Better Brand products are healthy too! Handmade in California, the brand’s baked goodies are designed to meet the needs of consumers looking for more nutritious food alternatives without giving up flavor.

February, 2023

As soon as it arrived on the food market, the company immediately proved to be a winner with its innovative The Better Bagel: 90% fewer carbs, 250% more protein, and a list of top-quality plant-based ingredients. To reach as many pantries as possible, they asked us to collaborate on the design of the website together with the 3D renderings of the product itself.


Efficacy and simplicity are the two concepts we worked on during the design phase for Better Brand. Not only does the site allow a pleasant user experience for the user thanks to its simplicity of navigation, but it clearly and effectively highlights the global mission of the brand. We then worked on a series of 3D renderings that show the product and its packaging in detail intending to promote the brand identity in an attractive and captivating way by leveraging the two key colors of the brand: red and white.


3D Content, Web Design


Truffl - Branding, Art
Direction, Development