Wood roasted
coffe beans

Art Direction
Visual Identity

From several trips made to the most remote places in the world, the new Italian brand Bellotosto has chosen the best varieties of coffee to create a perfect harmony for the palate of its customers. All packaged in compostable and biodegradable capsules.

April, 2022
Video of the day -
Motion Design Awards

Bellotosto seeked our help in 2020 for their launch on the market. The concept for the project had to revolve around the values and key points of the brand, namely the adaptability of the product to the different coffee systems, being recyclable and eco-friendly but more importantly, the high quality of their handmade wood roasted coffee beans.


We approached the project asking ourselves “How can we make coffee fun?” and we settled on directing and designing a video clip where coffee comes to life through entertaining motions and a compelling sound design. Featuring flung pods, dancing coffee beans and looped waves of wood beams, we illustrated with 3D animation the young and energetic nature of the new brand together with its keystones in a neat, simple and contemporary style.


Direction, 3D Modelling, 3D Motion, Sound Design, Editing