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Partners in wine

Cantina Agricola Sgreva asked for a new concept and visual design for their dated website. They needed a new look and a new way to narrate the passions and traditions required to produce their wine. Every bottle had a story, every story needed to be told, so we chose color and playfulness to give a new exciting perspective to the wine and the winemakers. We intended to covey a story through each bottle and treat them like a family of characters, each of them with their features and defining notes.


Grape times

Each bottle represents a part of the winery and the people producing them.
The concept and visual design is determined by a mix of soft-toned gradients and 3D renders in motion. We aimed for smooth transitions and animations that could translate the brand's elegance, but most of all, its new look, which opposes but still honors the more traditional concepts of wines.

Bottled poetry