art direction   |  3d motion

Coffee, please!

We were approached by Bellotosto to help them launch their 2020 coffee brand, creating a short video clip that expressed the themes of this high quality, eco-friendly product. They challenged us to deliver a fresh new concept in which they could convey their main topics of the adaptability of their product to different coffee systems, the possibility of been eco-friendly by recycling the capsules after been used, and most of all the quality of their handmade wood roasted coffee beans.

coffee beans

We directed and designed the video clip picking up the simple and contemporary style we had originally established, after we asked ourselves, ‘’how can coffee be fun?’' Our goal was to create a situation in which coffee takes life through harmonious motion and slick sounds that were made possible with 3D animation. The idea of having exploding capsules, dancing coffee beans, and looped waves of wood beams conveyed the dynamics needed to explore this new coffee brand.

An explosive wake up